Chelsea’s Gallery District

So you’ve done the rounds in NYC’s major art galleries and museums: the MoMA, The Whitney Museum (in its gorgeous new location), The Met, the Museum of Natural History, Brooklyn Museum, and so on. What now?

While all these museums are must see’s and you can surely visit them more than once, there’s another option for you: Chelsea’s charming gallery district.

Many of the big name galleries come with long lines, crowded show rooms, some have admission fees and require tickets. If you feel like you just want to check out some art without the fuss, head down to Chelsea. There are tons of small galleries to choose from, housing works of up and coming artists and well-known artists alike. There are rows of beautiful galleries, starting from 27th Street down to 19th Street between 10th and 11th Avenue, to stroll into. Here’s a super convenient map to help you navigate around.

My new find is C24 Gallery on 24th Street. Their current exhibition Pendulum by artist Irfan Onurmen is so dope. He work’s with layering textile and tulle on canvas that creates this really interesting 3D effect.

So walk around the neighborhood, take your time, check out galleries that catch your eye and skip those that don’t. You might find your next favorite artist. There’s so much to see. What are you waiting for?



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