T.O, to be returned to

One of the many cities on my go-to list, has always been Toronto. Although I can now cross it off my list, I think it has motivated me to make a list that will sound something like, “Cities To Return To”. And yes, it will probably make it onto Tied Twice!

Staying in Downtown Toronto for 4 nights and 5 days was dreamy and eye-catching for sure. For the week spent there, the weather was cloudy and rainy, yet somehow made it feel like another cozy home. One of the first spots I visited was the Art Gallery of Ontario, also known as AGO. It was filled with contemporary and modern art, which is always a favorite, but also had a wide variety of traditional sculpture and historical drawings and paintings from Canadian artists.

Aside from the art scene, I immediately picked up on the city’s heavy embrace of music and style. Almost every bar in downtown had an area designated for live music, and each bar was designed and decorated to their own personality, each carrying their own stories. With old beer stained napkins, and hand-signed bathroom stalls, the city spoke for itself in every corner visited, and each corner someone had once felt something there. There are many record stores, such as Sonic Boom, scattered throughout the city and many music stores to buy instruments and electronics from. Being an individual largely inspired by music and sounds in almost everything I observe, I felt connected by it’s originality and hunger for real, raw music.

Through out all the wrong turns and GPS screw-ups, the belly’s must be fed! And Toronto, you fed me well. A few spots I strongly recommend are The Starving Artist for waffle-inspired brunch, and Luna Cafe for a delicious home style organic breakfast or lunch. One spot that always had a line out the door from day-to-night was Warehouse; a very lively and energetic cheap spot for finger-licking bites and local beer. For the hands-down best burgers in Toronto, The Burger’s Priest.

P.S – When visiting Toronto, or any part of Canada for that matter, please do not leave without trying a plate called Poutine! Warning: highly addicting, but you can blame me later.




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