Let’s keep BERNing up

Ever see something on the news and think, “What the hell are they talking about?”.

You say ,okay, I should probably educate myself a little bit on this. Being the inquisitive person you are, you go ahead and look up some articles only to find really looong, really complicated, really booring articles. And just like that you become disinterested. I mean, who can blame you? I certainly don’t.

As a political science major in college, it was necessary to keep up with what’s going on in our country and around the world. So aside from lifestyle posts and sharing music we love, I want to share explainers and short writings on events going on. Why? Because it matters. Plus you’ll impress your friends (and yourself) with how informed you are next time you’re hanging out.

So for the very first post of DID YOU KNOW? let’s talk about Bernie Sanders.

Getty Images

The Boy. The leader of the political revolution. Bernie Sanders, a senator from Vermont, came onto the political scene announcing his run for Presidency in late May of last year. A messy haired heavy accented Bernie, swimming in his suit, was not treated with the same kind of primacy given to Hillary Clinton or dare I say, Donald Trump.

If you guys are keeping up with the election, you’ll know Hillary is on track to win the Democratic nomination. Although Bernie Sanders vows to keep fighting, the delegate numbers are just not there for him. Hillary has won 2,784 delegates while Bernie has 1,877. The magic number to gain the democratic nomination is 2,383. Regardless of Bernie’s diminishing chances of continuing his campaign for the Presidency, what he has done goes beyond election cycles and nominations. And this is the point I want to raise.

Bernie Sanders has created a movement that has just begun. He has drawn record crowds during his campaign. Back in April, 28 THOUSAND people turned out for one of his rallies in Prospect Park. And, even though he lost the New York primaries, 67% of New Yorker’s under 30 years old voted for him. In the broader national statistics, Bernie is crushing the youth vote winning 71%! What does this mean?

image via berniesanders.com

His “political revolution” that is based around a much more ideological and progressive ideals has energized, mobilized and inspired thousands of young voters across the country. His campaign has proven that young people aren’t a disinterested group and that we can in fact stand behind and support a candidate who is fighting for the issues we actually care about.

So if you support Bernie, don’t be discouraged because his type of politics and the issues he is fighting for is the future of the Democratic party. If you got involved and or felt interested in elections for the first time because of Bernie, keep that interest going. Keep tweeting and supporting causes you care about. Don’t lose that motivation and drive because our strength is in numbers.

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