Last weekend, Michelle and I went on a little getaway to Wurtsboro, New York. My boyfriends’ parents stay a small house by the lake there every now and then. So off we went… to a quaint house by a lake, to relax and explore some antique stores.

Wurtsboro is easy to miss. It’s a town nestled between Monticello and Middletown, where kids hang out at the local gas station and if you’re bored you take a walk to the ice cream shop.

With limited WiFi in our home for the weekend, we found ourselves playing games like Charades, Connect Four, and even discovering a really cool abandoned county fair which ended up being the highlight of our trip.

In a town with not much to do, you can quickly forget about the responsibilities and to-do lists that you have back home. And guess what, life keeps going.

Although Wurtsboro is only an hour and a half from the Westchester, New York area, I was reminded of the simplicities life has to offer and you don’t even really need to go far to experience it. We so easily get caught up in our own little worlds that often times overwhelm us in this fast moving life where your mind can go something like this: Responsibilities. Plans. I need to go out. Deadlines. Goals. Have I achieved them? I’m not where I should be in my career. I should be doing more.

Now, I’m not saying we should all move to the middle of nowhere and drastically change our lifestyles. Let’s be honest… the fast-paced environment, the ability to walk or drive anywhere at anytime and find an open store to get what you need, the very energy of New York City is what keeps us here. But, that same fast-paced, competitive environment can overwhelm us at times as well.

There are many things we can take away from the small towns we often drive by. They can serve as small reminders that we don’t actually need all of the things we depend on. You will be okay if you stay home an entire weekend and not post anything on Instagram, it’s okay if you are not in line for the new pair of Yeezys, you will be okay if you’re not at your dream job at the moment because you will get there one day.

Right now, you are exactly where you’re supposed to be. Be present in this moment and enjoy the ride.



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