One thing I’m glad the debates made me question: Nature or Nurture?

During this turbulent election season, one of the thousand questions I’ve been stuck on at 2 am, is the classic, Nature or Nurture?

In sociology and psychology, this very question has been tried and tested in numerous examples: self character development, childhood upbringing and parenting, to basic survival needs.


I wonder if anyone has proposed this very question when it comes to our behavior and patterns around politics.

My personal opinion of the 2016 presidential candidates won’t be disclosed here, just my personal thoughts and questions that maybe you too may have found yourself wondering.

Do we become democrats or republicans as early as the same age our brains begin forming sentences?

Do we reach a certain age where we are able to separate our families bias and predisposed ideals, and decide our own parties for ourselves?

Does fear of change and self-protection of ones ethnicity or race come from an innate human characteristic or is it from lack of cultural exposure, education, and understanding?

As a 22 year old, college educated, first generation Hispanic female, I have never found myself more involved and engaged in politics than now.

And what if I was a 28 year old, high-school educated, rural white male, can’t I just vote the way my family has for years? 

When can we draw the line of someone’s political tendencies depending on the nurture of their family and social influences or the nature of either wanting or not wanting to go out of your way to learn more as a universal human being seeking knowledge and understanding?

Like many of these thought pieces, neither side is right or wrong, neither am I at a position to ever say what is.

But, next time you’re in the mood for a bottle of wine, (hopefully Spanish wine), ask these questions to your friends just for the heck of it, and see what stirs up.




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