Women Who Inspire Us

In honor of International Women’s Day (and Women’s History Month), here are a few creative women that have been inspiring us lately. Stay tuned throughout the month as we share more inspirational women who motivate us.

Rupi Kaur – Author, Poet


Canadian-Indian, feminist, author, poet, writer, spoken word artist, woman, human.

Rupi Kaur’s captivating words in Milk and Honey have recently inspired me, not only as an aspiring writer but as a female, deep thinker, and my self concept.

– Michelle

Julie Adenuga – Radio Host, DJ

image via twitter @JulieAdenuga

Julie Adenuga is a Beats 1 anchor, working alongside Zane Lowe and Ebro Darden. At a time when radio seemed like such a drag, Apple launched Beats 1 Radio last year and Julie was chosen as an anchor, catapulting her to a larger audience.

Without even realizing it, Julie’s show has become part of my daily routine. I make sure to tune in at 3PM almost every day while at work. Her authentic and causal approach to hosting the show is what keeps me coming back. While she covers all types of music, I credit Julie for my growing appreciation and love for grime music and UK music overall.

– Jaclyn

Paola Franqui – Photographer

image via streeteasy.com

I like to take the occasional photograph every now and again. Paola’s work throughout NYC really inspired me when I was first taking an interest in photography and it still does today. There’s a nostalgic and romantic approach to her photos that show the city in a different light, almost making it feel like it’s a different time.

– Jaclyn

Happy International Women’s Day to all you goddesses.

~Who has inspired you recently? Share your thoughts below!~


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