The Crossover

Oh social media, you darling thang. You are ever-changing and demand to be listened to.

It’s 12 AM and I’m in bed doing the daily scroll on Instagram. While liking photos on my feed, browsing through and stumbling on new profiles, I notice the usual pattern I have been noticing for a bit of a while now.

That is – seeing more and more bio sections that include current occupational titles, whether it’s a student at xyz, an intern intern at xyz, or a position at xyz. Then I think, why does this feel like the filling in of the latest experience on a resume? 

So next to, or in place of, the usual life quote or self descriptive emojis, there’s some interjection of “oh and by the way this is what I currently do or want to do.”

It’s now 12:10 AM. I’m still scrolling… what else would I be doing? My over-analytical moderate creepiness has now moved on to full blown lurking. Now I’m looking at hashtags people include in their posts. Are hashtags still a thing? If you are including a number of hashtags, is it fair to assume you’re trying to put yourself… out there?

Whether you’re relating to this and nodding your head yes in agreement or not, the commonality we can agree on is that more and more people on Instagram are treating their profiles as a portfolio or visual resume. There’s this transition from your feed consisting of personal friends, family pics, or your everyday snap shots of where you are, to maintaining a more tailored and fixed feed where you may be much more selective on what you post depending if it will “match” with your feed’s aesthetic.

There is no denying that in 2017 social media is a secondary, if not primary, form of employers or work opportunities to see who you are. Of course, this depends on your interested field, but this is especially so for creatives. A quick glance at your Instagram is an immediate way to scope out who you are and what you like. That being said, it only makes sense for people to want to share more and more posts tailored to the industry they are in or aspire to be in. Right?

We all know that girl who keeps using #whatiwore in outfit pictures of herself or the girl who is starting to post more of her photographs using #shotoftheday.

A good chunk of us, myself included, can almost instantaneously and without noticing, eye roll at this or spot something self promotional very quick. But why does there have to be a sense of calling someone out for it or a bit of a snark to it?

“Um, she’s obviously trying to become Instagram famous”

I suppose the question I’m forming here and what I mean by this title, “The Crossover”, is when do you start making that transition to not giving a flying fuck of what you post because of who will judge you? When do you take your passions, interests, and voice and start sharing them with the internet? To those people who may have been in your high school or college class and only keep up with you on social? To the friend of a friend who now follows you after meeting once at a bar? To those who aren’t familiar with a creative or talented side of you?

Recently, I saw a friend of a friend who I hadn’t seen in a while. We did the routine catch up and Two Times Told came up. This friend asked and commented on things like, “I never knew you two were so artsy”, “So, you guys write now?”, and “So, you two are trying to make this into a thing?”. If this had been a year ago, I would have been hesitant and a bit evasive in my answer. This time I responded with total transparency and honesty. Yes, Two Times Told is our baby and we are really enjoying the ride so far. It was a great, almost liberating feeling and the conversation moved on. Cue in: You want another beer?

I can personally speak to how nervous I was to add to my personal Instagram bio, as silly as that sounds. I immediately came up with comments in my head that people might say like, are they trying to get into fashion or something? and who do they think they are? Even tagging our Instagram handle in a photo I was proud of was also knowing that those personal followers will immediately click on it and make their own judgments within 2 seconds. Again it sounds silly when micro-explained like this, but on a much larger level such as a persons self perception, it’s not.

It’s exposure. It’s immediate judgement.

Maybe the root of this is a ~millenial~ thing. We’ve seen that traditional jobs, although stable and reliable, are great but that there are also a bazillion other ways to be successful and happy. A generation so creative and hungry for more than the options, we want to make our own paths to success and in doing so, redefining what the subjective meaning of success actually is.

There is definitely beauty in the hustle, as susceptible to judgement we may be. Although we can eye roll at the self-promotion that is all around us, maybe this is also an ~adulting~ thing. Regardless, what’s certain is that more and more I’m seeing those around me share their passions and interests for their futures on their personal social media accounts.

My take on it? I love it. We are ever evolving. We are never the same person we were a year ago or even a week ago. And frankly, why would you want to be? You are entitled to be inspired by anything and everything around you. And guess that? The wonderful invention of the internet is waiting for you to share.


There is in fact an actual cross over I promise… Of posting whatever the hell you want and caring less and less about who sees it and what they may think. The cross over is like walking over on the other side.

As a friend of mine recently said, “You either try your best to create something or watch on the sidelines and talk shit about those who are”. There is beauty and pride to be found in being one of those individuals who is hustling and grinding for whatever it is you want.

Being said, kudos to the girl posting glossy selfies with a FitTea because yes, you are hot and you are owning it and frankly, I am not nearly as ballsy or confident enough to do so. Shout out to the kids writing songs or designing something in their bedrooms till 2 in the morning and finally mustering up the courage to post it on online.

See you on the other side, where in the end who really gives a fuck what other people think.


~~ Have you experienced or are going through a similar experience? Are you finding yourself super interested in something and are feeling skeptical to share it? Share w/ us. ~~


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