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Where Do We Go From Here?

So when Trump ranted on about Mexico taking our jobs and how disastrous our trade deals are, it may not have hit a nerve with us here in New York but it certainly did for the thousands, if not millions, of people that have been left behind by fast changing times.


One thing I’m glad the debates made me question: Nature or Nurture?

During this turbulent election season, one of the thousand questions I’ve been stuck on at 2 am, is the classic, Nature or Nurture? In sociology and psychology, this very question has been tried and tested in numerous examples: self character development, childhood upbringing and parenting, to basic survival needs. I wonder if anyone has proposed […]

a glimpse

moodboard: edition 2 Photography by Clifford Ross & thismintymoment, style by emilyo & joviilaiin, clothes by oak&fort. All of these items, muses and visuals have influenced my style as of late. Putting my own twist on it, of course, they say imitation is a form of flattery but I say it’s bullshit.  I’ve always been inclined towards […]

TT 01

TT 01 is the first in our series of monthly playlists. We have always been lovers of music, whether we’re Soundcloud digging for emerging artists or listening to jams from household names. Below are the songs we’re really feeling so far this month. Headphones in. Tune the world out. Enjoy.